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11 Jan 2021 - 28 Jan 2021
Virtual Mission Artificial Intelligence France
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Open until 27 January 2021

Artificial Intelligence in Mobility, Transport and Logistics

Mobility, Transport and Logistics are prime drivers of the Dutch economy. The need to strengthen the Dutch competitive position and to provide solutions to social issues such as employment, traffic safety,
sustainability, congestion, comfort and air quality, stimulate innovation in mobility developments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an increasing role within these developments, and it is
only possible to tackle these societal challenges with a cooperative approach. The social
damage caused exclusively by traffic jams amounts to some 3 billion euros annually while
the damage caused by traffic accidents amounts to some 15 billion euros, not counting
the damage to health and the costs caused by emissions. The costs of mobility for citizens
and businesses, revolve around 136 billion euros annually. AI can actively contribute to a
mobility transition towards improved accessibility, sustainability and accident reduction.
AI provides a solid way of securing the international economic prospects of the Dutch
mobility sector.

The complexity of these developments, the amount of data available, and computing power are increasing rapidly and require a unified and integrated approach, and AI can provide solutions. During this mission we will focus on the most critical opportunities and challenges in this sector:


AI & Automated driving: certify AI Algorithms for Automated Vehicles. Other topics: Sensor data, digital maps, digital twins.


AI & Traffic Management: mobility mix, modellisation, city logistics, city simulation. For example urban strategy simulation tools to help planning and managing a city.


AI & Smart Charging, bi-directional charging, smart grids and the role of AI. It’s about monitoring the grid, but also predict and plan the charging of vehicles.