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11 Jan 2021 - 28 Jan 2021
Virtual Mission Artificial Intelligence France
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Open until 27 January 2021

Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care

Artificial Intelligence is changing the health care worker’s tasks worldwide and the way in which we deal with the health of our citizens and patients. The pace of this change is accelerating.

The Netherlands and France are facing opportunities as well as challenges where AI in health care is concerned. Valuable and reliable AI for people’s care demands collaboration to be able to solve issues. We cannot do this alone: AI is multidisciplinary and requires close cooperation between policy makers, care professionals, scientists and entrepreneurs. In order to make transition possible, access to good data, as well as data quality are of major importance. The efficient attainment, management, storage and protection of data are preconditions to have good data available for reliable AI.

At the same time also transnational collaboration between the involved stakeholders is necessary. Therefore, the Netherlands and France are already collaborating in the area of ICT and health. The Netherlands are among the frontrunners in terms of data-driven health,whereas France invests particularly in a strong data infrastructure.

The digitalisation in health care and the developments in the area of AI offer good opportunities for collaboration – even in a broader European context.

Thus, for this mission, the emphasis will be on collaboration in the area of common ambitions and the exchange of knowledge and experience, in terms of opportunities as well as lessons learned: both the Netherlands and France are innovative in the area of eHealth and the respective LSH-sectors will therefore be able to benefit from each other’s expertise.


• AI & Policy: digital transformation in health and care by AI. Trend shift from reactive to proactive.
• AI & Health Data: access to health data of patients.
• AI & Health Innovation: access to health data for purposes of research and innovation.